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Ceremonial Cacao & Lions Mane v1


Small batches, big vibes. Cacao in it’s purest form hits different. A gentle stimulant, minus the jitters and midday coffee crashes. Frothed up with your favourite milk it’s going to give you that smooth and subtle energetic rush. See it as a replacement for your usual morning brew.

Straight from the source means this cacao retains its fat content. (Fat content = medicinal properties). The addition of Lion’s Mane takes this up a notch. As a medicine mushroom, Lion’s Mane serves some serious support to our grey matter.

Be sure to check out the linked research papers on Lions Mane. This mushroom is an underrated gem.

  • Ingredients

    130gr Ceremonial Cacao
    7.35gr Lions Mane (fruiting body, hot water extract)
    6.30gr Lions Mane (pure mycelium, alcohol extract)

  • Preparation

    Warm up 300ml of (plant based) milk over the stove on a low heat. Heads up, using those barista editions will result in a very thick n’ indulgent sip - if you dig that. Gently pour in the cacao blend and whisk until it comes together. Like a little dose of sweet? Go ahead and add honey or maple syrup.

  • What it does?

    It melts the mental fuzz


    - Cacao is mildly stimulative
    - Cacao may elevate your mood
    - Lions Mane may support your memory
    - Lions Mane may help with focus and concentration

  • What it feels like?

    Who turned on the brain juice? Is this love? Wow! Such vibes!


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